Some Foods Will Affect the Quality of Sleep

Some people like to eat snacks at night; they even cannot sleep if they have not eaten snacks. But you know eating ice cream, candy or pizza before going to bed will all affect the quality of sleep. If you eat it, you will have poor sleep, but also make the nightmares. In the following, there are several foods which can affect the quality of sleep, so we should pay attention to them.

First, it is sugar cube. A recent study shows among 10 people, seven people eat candy and other junk food, and cause all night having nightmares. Experts guess due to high sugar levels, it causes more brain waves, resulting in nightmares. Second, it is red meat. Although the high levels of iron and tryptophan in the red meat can help sleep, but red meat contains protein and fat, and require a longer time to digest than other food, which will make the body all night in working condition. Therefore, in order to have a deep sleep, dinner is best to avoid eating red meat.

Third, this is pasta. Pasta is full of carbohydrate, and if we immediately go to sleep after eating it, it will be easy to turn to fat, to change your sugar level, and delay sleep or make you easily wake up at night. In addition, the cheese, cream or ketchup on the surface of pasta may also increase your digestive system burden. Fourth, pizza is also not a good food for eating at night. Because the acidity of tomato sauce in the tomato is high, this can stimulate the stomach, so that make the stomach release acid. And the fat or cheese in it still can make you heartburn.

Fifth, ice cream is not suitable for eating during the night. Ice cream contains a lot of fat, and if you immediately go to bed after you eat it, it will let your body have no time to burn fat. All the sugar can give the body to issue wrong energy information, and automatically stores and turns to fat. In addition, the study found that eating high-sugar foods before sleeping will make you easily make nightmares. Sixth, it is cereal. Oatmeal often…

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