Soap can help ease vocal-cord spasms

Other remedies to note: Cayenne pepper for a cough, a healthful diet for blood pressure woes.

Q. I have been sleeping with soap under my bottom sheet for years and have had no leg cramps since I began doing so.

I also suffered for years from a terrifying condition known as laryngospasm, during which the vocal cords suddenly seize up and close when taking in a breath, blocking the flow of air. Although the spasm lasts for only a minute or two, the time seems to move so slowly that death feels imminent.

Once during an episode of laryngospasm, I rubbed soap onto the base of my throat. I hoped it would end the spasm, and it did! The laryngospasm eased within two seconds after I rubbed soap directly onto my neck.

Ever since then, I’ve worn a silver chain around my neck with a net pouch containing a small piece of soap. Because I made the…

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