Small Business Promotion and Marketing: The Vehicle Graphic Wrap

Every small business owner knows the value of advertising; a well-rounded budget should include a variety of promotional options from website to print and media ads. Yet traditional print and media advertising is very expensive and can be limited in reaching the target audience. The challenge for a small business owner is to remain competitive without committing to a large advertising budget.

Branding is the use of a company logo, byline or graphic design to identify the company product in a consistent and unique fashion. By combining a highly visible brand with traditional advertising the small business owner maximizes exposure. Customers will remember a sophisticated graphic image and develop the association with a specific service or product.

The advent of sophisticated technology has led to the increased interest in vehicle graphic wraps, which are basically large print, graphic images. Any vehicle, regardless of shape or size, can be fitted out with a graphic design and turned into a 24/7 billboard for businesses. This method of advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers.

The upswing in use of vehicle wraps or car graphics means that many companies now claim to be experts in this type of graphic design.  The savvy business owner will want to find the right company, with the right level of expertise and services, for his or her advertising needs.

  • Choose a specialized vehicle wrap business—they know how to design graphics for vehicles of any size, from a fleet of 18-wheelers to a VW bug. Installation is crucial to an effective vehicle wrap campaign; the full service design and installation company will do the best job and offer a competitive price which meets the small business owner’s needs. Their design team will create a customized look which incorporates the business logo seamlessly.
  • Hire an established business that can provide samples and customer recommendations. Check their website for pictures of vehicle wrap…

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