Silestone is a type of quartz stones that is generally used to make counter tops. To enhance its anti-bacterial protection, silver technology is applied on it and this makes it somewhat different than the other quartz stones like Compac or Caesarstone. The stones come in a variety of different vibrant and soothing colors, which help the architects to make different experiments with them. You can easily find a stone matching or complementing that color of the room where it is placed. These stones are extremely tough and durable and can withstand extreme pressure and temperature.

This is why they are so commonly used in kitchen besides the fact that they are highly elegant and will effortlessly enhance the appearance of the room where they are installed. Along with the ready-made ones in the market, you can also choose to get a customized counter top for you. If you are not sure about which color of quality of stone should be chosen for your customized versions, it is better to buy the ready made ones from a reputed or reliable shop. There is a misconception about these stones due to their supreme look and glossy finish that they are expensive. Actually, they are quite affordable, rather cheap, although the cheap ones are not of high quality and thus should stayed away of.

To maintain the elegance and luster of the Silestone Worktops, you need to keep them clean. Cleaning them is so easy and you need not require any special product. Just plane soap and water is enough to clean; you need to choose a quality cleanser for the quality counter tops and warm water is better to use. You can also use some light chemicals due to high resistance against them.

The cloth you are using must not be a coarse one as it may put scratch marks on them. A sponge, ideally, is what should be used to mop and clean them. After the rinsing with the soap and water is complete, you need to make it dry with paper towel or a dry cloth. You must not allow the soap or chemical dry on the surface…

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