Simple truth is Canada’s mass shooters are usually white and Canadian-born: Neil Macdonald –

For a short, hopeful moment Monday, Trumpian conservatives were clucking and warbling triumphant tweets at one another. 

Rumours swirling about the slaughter at the mosque in Quebec City had the shooter yelling “Allahu Akbar,” albeit in a strong ​Québécois accent, as he killed and reloaded.

So why wasn’t the fake-news liberal mainstream media concentrating on that instead of portraying it as an anti-Muslim hate crime encouraged by President Trump’s crackdown on Muslim immigrants? Maybe it was a Shia/Sunni thing: the sort of atrocity that takes place all the time in countries where ISIS operates. Maybe it was Muslim-on-Muslim terror.

Names of arrested

Then came confirmation of the names of the two men arrested shortly after the shooting. One was Alexandre Bissonnette. But the other! The other had a Moroccan name! Mohamed Belkhadir.

Hah! HAH! See, liberals? President…

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