Seahawks what they said: Pete Carroll and John Schneider review the 2017 NFL Draft

Here is all that Pete Carroll and John Schneider had to say about the 2017 NFL Draft Saturday.

Here is the official transcript of all that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider had to say following the 2017 NFL Draft Saturday.

(Opening)  Schneider:  “I just want to start by publicly thanking everybody that was involved in this process.  Like I said last night, an 11-month process. Scouts, on the road, personnel staff, our pro staff, coaches, trainers, video guys, our medical staff, doctors.  There’s so many team psychologists, Dr. Michael Gervais, there’s so much stuff that goes into this.  It’s a huge effort that we’re still finishing up; free agency in there right now and rookie free agency.  Just a great group effort.  I’m super proud of everybody and the way it worked out and we’re very pleased with the results.”

(On spending 4 of the first 8 picks on the secondary)  Schneider:  “It was really a defensive-back heavy draft and it’s just the way the board came off.  We didn’t want to start just jumping players.  That’s when you get in trouble.  We just really stuck to our board.”

(On the importance of all of the picks in the third round)  Schneider:  “Starting with Thursday night, I think that really set us up for a lot of things that ended up coming to fruition for us.  We had upsets along the way, and that happens every year and it’s like a punch in the gut, but you gather yourself and you move forward.  I think the biggest disappointment was the fifth round.  I think we sat there for, it seemed like a day and a half, waiting to pick again.”

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Carroll:  “A great abyss.”

Schneider:  “We were just watching players come off one by one.  It was a blast.”

(On whether they were tempted to try to move into the fifth round) Schneider:  “Yes.”

(On what he likes about Tedric Thompson)

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