Scrumptious Summer Sausages: Just What Are They Made of

Summer sausages aren’t necessarily produced in the summer time-though they could be. Rather, they’re a kind of seasoned sausage which are completely cured and do not have to be cooled. These are made out of meat leftovers-like with all sausages-and can be made using a mix of meats for flavor variety.

There are many varieties of summer sausages. Cervelat-style sausages such as mortadella, thuringer, and blockwurst are excellent examples. Those living in Eastern Europe even have their own varieties of summer sausages that date back to periods when meat must be well-preserved given that refrigeration was not yet possible. Summer sausages can be purchased at butcher shops that bring in special regional food products.

Ingredients. Pork and beef are a typical mixture in summer sausages, though venison and various game meat may be used also. Summer sausages could also contain organ meat, even though this once common culinary practice has drastically receded in popularity through the years. Salt is constantly used in seasoning summer sausages, but mustard seeds, sugar, and pepper can likewise be used. Many people from different places on the planet have their own summer sausage seasoning practices, creating a lots of types for this diverse group of cured meats.

Curing. As soon as the ingredients are completely mixed and pushed into sausage casings, summer sausages have to be cured. Again, curing strategies differ greatly depending on geographic locations and traditions, but summer sausages will subsequently be either smoked or dried. Smoking is carried out slowly at a very low temperature to produce an even cure. Drying is performed in the open on large racks that use the sun and seasonal winds.

The moment curing is completed, summer sausages may be eaten as is. They can also be sliced up into slender pieces, and rolled, and can also be warmed, cooked, and mixed as an additive for some other dishes. Some modern day summer sausages might be less-cured, requiring…

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