School of Noise: Enderby’s Room artist Dan Mayfield on workshops for young people

A workshop series is giving school children a chance to try their hand at creating new sounds and electronic music. 

Creator Dan Mayfield, who plays fiddle in the band Enderby’s Room, wrote a piece for us explaining why it’s so important to encourage creativity. 

We also got a message of endorsement for the workshops by the one and only Jarvis Cocker:

“The School of Noise is one of those ideas that you just KNOW is right: bringing back a sense of wonder & accessibility to music-making. Music is organised noise & organising noise is fun! Dan Mayfield manages to communicate this fact to all those he works with. I doff my cap to him”Jarvis Cocker. 

School of Noise

Two years ago, with a collection of music making and sound sculpting machines in hand, a few friends and myself hired a small room in Bethnal Green and opened the School of Noise to the public for the first time.

We had recently watched a short documentary from 1969 on Brian Dennis and the Shoreditch Experimental Music School. In the film Dennis demonstrated his techniques and ideas of using experimental music in mainstream education classrooms.

His ideas struck a chord with our own enjoyment of playing with sound, and so we set out to create our own workshop would allow new audiences, young and old, to explore experimental and electronic music in a creative, welcoming and fun environment.

I have always valued music’s capability to be enjoyed by anyone. I was brought up in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, surrounded by folk music and musicians of all abilities who encouraged one another to play and have fun whilst doing so.

I continue to write and perform indie-folk music with my band Enderby’s Room, even as my tastes for more experimental sounds have developed in adulthood. I have no doubt that my experiences of learning and performing music in my youth significantly contributed both to my personal musical projects, and to my motivation for forming the School of Noise.

So what do…

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