School choice spotlights education options available to Onslow area students – Jacksonville Daily News

Editor’s note: This is part one of a five-part series looking at school choice and the options available to North Carolina parents. Part two will appear in Monday’s edition of The Daily News.

Education isn’t one-size-fits-all.

A learning environment that works well for one child may not work as well for another.

ZECA School of Arts and Technology founder Stacey Owens-Howard said it doesn’t mean that one school or one method of learning is necessarily better than the other; just that they are different. As an educator and a parent who saw one of her children struggle in a traditional school setting, she said the goal is finding what is best for the child’s success.

Owens-Howard started Onslow County’s only public charter school to provide another option for area students.

“It’s not about…

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