SAVVY SHOPPER: Fake and Unrealistic Coupons On The Rise – Savannah Morning News

Posted January 21, 2017 10:03 pm – Updated January 22, 2017 09:20 am


If you spend time on Facebook or other social media platforms, you have most likely seen posts about coupons that seem too good to be true. One example of this is a Kroger coupon, which promised $60 off a $60 purchase.

Fake and unrealistic coupons will probably always exist. It’s virtually impossible to police all fraudulent activities such as this. It would cost way too much and require an unbelievable amount of manpower. There is good news, however. Keep reading, to learn several easy ways to help you determine whether or not seemingly unrealistic coupons are valid. Remember, no matter how real they look, they are probably not.

No Expiration Date

If you run across a coupon that doesn’t have an expiration date, chances are it’s counterfeit….

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