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Ruth Davidson will launch an appeal to voters to help bring down SNP at the general election

Despite expectations her party can snatch a string of seats, the Scottish Tory leader will challenge activists to redouble efforts with a month until the poll.

She will warn them they face a “Herculean effort” to take on the “all-powerful” Nationalists who secured 56 seats in the 2015 contest.

Conservatives have been buoyed by Thursday’s council election gains, setting their sights on ousting SNP heavyweights such as Alex Salmond, Angus Roberston and Pete Wishart.

With opposition to a second independence referendum at the heart of both campaigns, Ms Davidson has already declared the “fight back” against Ms Sturgeon has begun.

She will today insist voters “are looking for somebody to stand up to the SNP” but with just one Westminster seat the Conservatives  are the underdogs.


Ruth insists voters are looking for someone to stand up to SNP and “bring them down”

Spelling out the challenge to members she will say: “It’s to bring the SNP down to size. To show they can’t take Scotland for granted.”

The launch in Edinburgh comes as the First Minister attempts to move her campaign away from the constitution and her government’s Holyrood record.

She will focus her attack on the Prime Minister claiming “the Tory mask” has slipped in recent days after spat over Brussels leaks on Brexit talks.

Ms Sturgeon said:  “Theresa May’s extraordinary attacks on our European partners demonstrate that an unchecked Tory government is prepared to pursue a chaotic hard Brexit if it is in the interests of the Tory Party, whatever the cost to Scotland.

It’s to bring the SNP down to size. To show they can’t take Scotland for granted.

Ruth Davidson,

“And even those who voted to Leave the EU should be concerned about the consequences of a hard Brexit that puts…

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