Retail Therapy: Downtown shops plan to give away 1400 envelopes with coupons this weekend – Fayetteville Observer (blog)

Downtown Fayetteville shops and restaurants are inviting all to their spin on a “Chinese New Year” celebration Saturday. Twenty-eight stores on Hay and nearby streets will hand out red envelopes filled with mystery coupons throughout the day, starting in the morning.

The participating 28 stores will have 50 red envelopes each.

“Traditionally, the red envelopes are given out to loved ones, family and friends,” said Joshua Choi, owner of Winterbloom Tea, which is participating. “And that’s how we feel about our customers.”

(A tidbit: This is the year of the rooster, a symbol of hard work and diligence.)

The coupons offer a range of deals, from lower prices on merchandise to giveaways. One lucky envelope has a $50…

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