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Most of small wind turbines were administered in residences, farms and villages. Residential wind turbine has a quick growth in last ten years. Aeolos created the household wind turbines from 500w to 20kw in 1992. In this write-up, Aeolos will certainly introduce the domestic wind turbines from the evaluated power, various kinds of wind turbine as well as inverters.
Rated Power

Micro domestic wind turbines ncluded the 300w, 500w 1000w wind turbines. These household wind turbines were used for the lightings, small followers or mini electric.

Small domestic wind turbines included the 3kw, 5kw, 10kw as well as 20kw wind turbines. These household wind turbines could deliver the full power for a 3-5 people property or small ranches. The 20kw household wind turbine also offered the electrical power for a small community.
Kinds of Wind Turbines

Horizontal axis household wind turbine was…

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