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If your looking to enter into a drug or alcohol rehab and you would like to bring your pet, call (888) 325-2454

Internet marketing and media firm Knack Media begins a website that offers a simple way for those suffering with addiction to locate a pet friendly rehab. Whether patients are looking for a rehab that allows dogs or cats, the new directory will list these pet friendly rehabs. Entering into a drug or alcohol rehab is not an easy task, and those with pets find it even harder. Knack Media is building this directory to make the search easier because it will list whether a rehab accepts dogs, cats, both or other pets.

Animal therapy refers to the use of specially-trained dogs or other animals to connect with individuals struggling with particular illnesses or health issue, such as cancer, PTSD, heart issues, and now, even addiction.

In 2009, a research study entitled Anthrozoos: A Multidisciplinary Journal of the Interactions of People & Animals was released collectively by Mississippi State University and Lindsey Wilson College. The function of the study was to assess how animal-assisted treatment might help individuals struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism.

The researchers reached the conclusion that this method can have a favorable effect on substance abuse treatment because it reinforces the restorative bond in between the patient and the therapist.

Animal or pet therapy treatment is more than just utilizing animals to enhance the moods of patients in hospital-type settings, although the animals can and do serve in that intrinsically-valuable capacity. The pets are thoroughly trained to communicate with the patient during treatment sessions.

It was found that study…

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