Reasons Why Little Sunshine’s Playhouse is the Best Place to Leave Your Infant Child

It’s been always difficult for parents to leave their child under someone else’s care, especially if the child is quite young. But maternity or paternity leave lasts only a few weeks. Most working parents have little choice but to leave their child in daycare centers. So the age-old question remains: how do you know you are leaving your child in good hands?

You’ve most likely seen news reports of fly-by-night budget daycare centers with the attendant horror stories. They just won’t do. As parents, you want a daycare center that is safe, clean, and provides well-conditioned facilities and stimulating programs. The important task of choosing the right daycare center helps ease the distress between you and your child, and makes the anxieties of leaving every morning less traumatic for all.

Several daycare centers make the claim they are “the best.” How do you verify their claims? How do you know they are right? Ask for recommendations from colleagues and family members, and visit the facilities to get a feel of the environment.

You could check out online review sites that provide unbiased reviews from other parents. One daycare center that has been getting a lot of rave reviews is Little Sunshine’s Playhouse. What sets this daycare center apart from the competition is that they provide state of the art facilities such as “kiddie cams” which are streamed live. You can actually monitor your child as you work since there are cameras installed in all classrooms and on the playground—accessibility to this feature are protected by a username and password for security purposes.

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse also provides soothing music during nap time—sleep and good music being both crucial for every growing child. The caregivers are more than qualified to do their job which includes teaching your child sign language as an added communication skill along with the child’s own language aptitudes which are just starting to develop. They keep track of…

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