Ralph Goodale to tell Trump administration: Canada doesn’t support torture – CBC.ca

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says he intends to send a clear message when he talks to U.S. President Donald Trump’s team: Canada doesn’t condone torture.

“We need to be very clear on this point. Torture is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it’s contrary to the Canadian Constitution, it’s a violation of the Criminal Code, it’s inconsistent with virtually every international treaty Canada has ever signed, including the Geneva Convention(s), and most importantly, Canadians find it abhorrent and will never condone it. Period,” he told CBC Radio’s The House.

In one of his first interviews after assuming office, Trump told ABC News he was willing to embrace torture as a way to “fight fire with fire.” 

“I have spoken…with people at the highest level of intelligence. And I asked them the question, ‘Does it work? Does torture work?’ And the…

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