Quick Fix Weight Loss Solutions – CardioMender, MD Medical Weight Loss Open House April 29th in Pembroke Pines, FL – General Public Welcome – New Products

CardioMender, MD – Open House April 29th, 2017 – Quick Fix Weight Loss Solutions

To lose weight and keep it off you’ve got to live it!!

Losing weight in 2017 is easier than it ever has been before. Weight loss experts are using new technology, new products and cutting edge new information. It seems like everyone is trying to become more conscious of nutrition and its impact on our health. Medical weight loss experts know what works from what doesn’t, and why. CardioMender, MD’s experts are hosting an Open House on April 29th, where they and the weight loss team will present what’s new, along with real Quick Fix Weight Loss solutions. They’ll show you how South Florida locals are losing weight quickly and maintaining their weight loss the healthy and safe way.

CardioMender, MD’s weight loss experts, Dr. Barry Schiff, and Dr. D. Allen Young, treat weight loss patients with plans that combine their experience with the newest scientific and medical knowledge. They’ve got the plans and products to help patients lose weight eating food that can be purchased from the grocery store, learning how to appreciate what’s healthy, and connect food choices with health benefits and reasonable costs. When meeting and consulting with each patient, the CardioMender weight loss team focuses on each patient’s unique challenges and needs and provides them with specific instructions, educating each patient on what’s been keeping them from losing weight. The CardioMender weight loss professionals provide patients individually tailored steps that lead most directly to sustained physician supervised weight loss success.

Today there are many new ways to make weight loss more effective, safer and feel like less of a…

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