Qualities and Applications of Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary drum dryer comprises a fairly slanting drum entire body. The materials to be dried enters the drum physique from a single finish and it is dried with the get in touch with with hot air or the heated drum body. Rotary drum dryer is specifically applicable for the drying of particle supplies in dryer machine manufacturer. This characteristic can make it vastly applied inside the agro-products processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and and so forth. Nonetheless, rotary drum dryer is also utilised for your drying of liquid or cream supplies.

In comparison to other types of dryer, roller dryer is favored as a consequence of its huge drying capacity, compact fluid resistance, easy operation and very low price. Presently, the drum entire body is in most cases made from carbon steel or stainless-steel. The drum dryer is set up inside a sharp angle of 2°-10°against the horizontal level with a rotation speed of 1 to 10 rounds per minute. Ordinarily, a belt conveyor is set up to transfer the material into the roller dryer.

The heat medium utilised in rotary drum dryer is hot air or flue gas and the selection of heat medium is decided by the allowed pollution level of the materials to become dried. As an example, in terms of mineral products and refractory supplies which are immune to high temperature and have no requirement on cleanliness, flue gas can be applied as heat medium to optimize drying performance. Yet for corns or chemical components which are required to maintain cleanliness during drying processing, hot air should certainly be used as the heat medium. Besides, there are three ways of heat transfer in rotary drum dryer: direct heat transfer, indirect heat transfer and compound heat transfer. Direct heat transfer is applicable for materials which won’t deform or crack under high temperature. Indirect heat transfer instead is more made use of for that drying of thermal sensitive components while compound heat transfer is mainly employed for that…

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