Protests on changes to Saskatchewan immigration rules

On implementation of recent changes in Saskatchewan immigrations, the immigrants are quiet disappointed and protesting over these changes. The changes have brought in forward sever consequences for them. They are struggling on personal grounds and protesting against it so that they could be heard by the government and some changes could be made in their favor. Hoping to be heard they are plucking their time and resources on it. It is quiet crucial for them as their future on large is likely to get affected by this decision of the immigration authorities. According to the protesters they are being betrayed as the changes have been declared and implemented without any prior notice or some phase of time, quick implementation has been a major setback for them.

New Change:

The new change declared earlier in May has been brought about by the Saskatchewan immigrations are continuation of tightening and streamlining the immigration rules and regulations of the province. As per this new rule those living in the province can nominate just one out of their all family members at one point of time, which is very strict then previous rule where somebody living and working in the province could nominate number of relatives at the same point of time.Want to read more about Canada immigration read Canada best nation to immigrate, offers more employment opportunities

Further the new regulation could explained that the immigrant who is been working and living Saskatchewan since continuous six months can nominate or sponsor his blood relative and their family to the place at the same time, but now as per the amendments a person has to choose between the family members and can nominate only one member at one time.
Those staying here have sudden disruptions in their plans to get reunited with their near and dear one’s who back in the country are waiting for their sponsorships.

The Government’s Take on New Policy:

Government is totally sticking to its words and is…

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