Protect Your Mails and Parcels with Letter Boxes

Every Canadian landscape features the red letter boxes that facilitate posting paper mails or parcels. It is estimated that Canada has around 900,000 boxes in public places such as shopping malls, street corners, and transit areas such as airports, railway stations and bus stations. Having post office boxes in Canada can ensure you that your letters do not overflow or are not scattered around your house in your absence for long periods.

Letter Boxes Exclusive to You : Post office boxes in Canada are still the best way to remain connected with others through post and parcel. Each box has scheduled pick up times. While you deposit your mail or parcel, appropriate postage stamps must be affixed. These products do not encourage sending money as parcel. Such boxes are available at post offices to be used by customers upon special request. They are available in small, medium and large sizes, and can be selected depending upon your expectations.

Durable Manufacturing : Post box manufacturers come up with a variety of products that can withstand sun, snow, rain or even tampering. Most of them feature strong aluminum frames with superior locks and door system. These manufacturers work with the postal authorities to understand the requirement of each area and to create post office boxes in Canada large enough to accommodate the drops. Residential and commercial customers also approach manufacturers to place these products of various sizes at their homes and business establishments. This ensures your letters are safe, and have no unauthorized access.

Securing Your Mails at the Post Office : Boxes are available at post offices as well, where the access to particular post office boxes in Canada is restricted to the Postmaster and the customer. The idea is quite convenient for those who are away from home for longer durations such as those going for a month’s vacation, or frequent travelers who rarely get time to pick up the post. A key deposit is collected from the customer…

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