Protect the Family Dog from Dangerous Encounters with Cars

More time outdoors puts dogs at risk of injury from cars.

It’s important to me to help other families avoid the tragedy of losing a beloved pet.”

Spring weather and longer days mean people and their pets are spending more time outdoors. And that means family dogs are at greater risk of dangerous encounters with cars or trucks. Each year, more than one million dogs are killed on U.S. roads; even more are seriously injured.

Jennifer Hill, President and CEO of Canine Company, knows first-hand of the heartbreak of losing a pet this way. “I was a child when our family dog Lucy was hit and killed. It was devastating to our entire family and it’s important to me to help other families avoid the tragedy of losing a beloved pet..”

Most car-dog encounters can be prevented, says Hill, if pet parents take a few simple safety measures:

1. Always walk your dog on a leash. “Even the best-trained dog may chase a running child or a ball that suddenly appears in the road,” Hill says. “It only takes an instant — and before you know what’s happened — your dog could be in the path of an oncoming car.”

2. Don’t leave your dog unattended in the yard. “Tie-ups and fences may seem secure, but we hear stories all the time of how a dog managed to slip his lead or to jump over or dig under a fence in pursuit of a deer or other animal that dashes through the yard.”

3. Consider an underground pet containment system instead. “After we lost Lucy, my parents searched for a way to keep our other dogs safe. Regular fences didn’t do the job. Then they discovered the Invisible Fence® brand pet containment system. It worked so well, they started our company to help other families keep their dogs safe.”

4. Teach your dog the…

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