Project Lifesaver Announces the Release of New Innovative Home Safety Technology

Pictured above is The PLI-PR1 Perimeter Receiver, the latest Project Lifesaver innovation designed to protect those with cognitive conditions that wander.

Project Lifesaver International (PLI) is a community based, public safety, non-profit 501(c) (3) organization whose mission is to protect, and when necessary, quickly locate special needs individuals with the propensity to wander, such as those with autism or dementia. Project Lifesaver was the first Search & Rescue (SAR) program to apply state of the art locating technology, innovative SAR techniques, and accredited first responder training programs as a solution for special needs wandering; PLI is the pioneer of the special needs SAR field, and is continuously researching and implementing new technologies and techniques to better aid in achieving the organization’s mission of “bringing loved ones home.”

Project Lifesaver is proud to announce its latest innovation – The PLI-PR1 Perimeter – a hand held technology that can be used by a caregiver to protect and prevent a special needs wanderer from eloping!

The PLI-PR1 Perimeter is a portable unit that emits a radio frequency boundary of approximately 100 feet within a building (300 feet outside with limited obstructions); this boundary will act as a safety zone. If the safety zone is exceeded, the red LED on top of the unit will flash and an audible alarm will sound to alert the caregiver, and enable them to prevent the elopement before it occurs. It is imperative to understand that the PLI-PR1 Perimeter is only compatible with the latest transmitter implemented by Project Lifesaver, the Data Transmitter Module (DTM), which is an upgrade to the traditional CS transmitter used currently. The DTM has data transfer…

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