Professional fireworks display to headline Iqaluit's New Years celebrations

Plans have been underway for months, but the wait is finally over: tonight, people in Iqaluit will get their looks at Canada 150 fireworks.

Beginning at 8:17 p.m., the display will be launched from the sea ice near the breakwater by Fireworks FX, a company up from Nova Scotia.

“We’re going to see bombshells rising over 600 feet, which is a 60-story building, bursting with fire flowers 600 feet in diameter,” said Fred Wade, the president of Fireworks FX. “It’s going to be loud, and very bright, and magical.

“Fireworks look their absolute best over the water and over the snow because of their reflections.”

Wade said cold, clear weather brings out the best in fireworks because the chemical that causes them to work burns more efficiently, meaning there is less smoke and they burn brighter.

To see the biggest fireworks, people in Iqaluit will only need to look up, Wade…

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