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Pound sterling appears to be in a hurry to recover in Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the first round of the French Presidential election. 

In the run up to the weekend, and the month’s end, sterling has held strong at 1.18. 

TD Securities has also released its latest set of forecasts for the foreign exchange market for the next two years. 

Analysts at the Canadian financial services giant say they see pound sterling benefiting from political risk where it was once undermined by the same forces, leading up to Theresa May’s snap election. 

As the summer holiday season approaches, and with the pound looking strong, Martin Lewis reveals on his Money Saving Expert website how to get the best rates now or when away. 

Take two minutes to get near-perfect rates worldwide, every time you’re away 

The easy option is to get and spend on one of the specialist overseas credit cards that you religiously pay off in full every month (or you pay up to 29.9 per cent APR interest – in which case don’t do it). This gives you the same near-perfect exchange rates the banks get on the day you spend, in almost every country, time and time again, as unlike most debit and credit cards which add a three per cent ‘non-sterling exchange fee’, these don’t charge. 

There are about eight of these cards. The top two of those are Halifax Clarity, which has long-term good feedback and low ATM withdrawal costs, and newer player Creation Everyday, whose ATM fees are a smidgeon cheaper. 

It’s cheaper to spend on these cards than to withdraw cash and spend that, as there can be a a cash withdrawal fee, and you may pay interest on cash withdrawals (not spending) even if you fully clear the card. Yet even then they beat most bureaux de change. 

Top prepaid cards give you today’s top rate, and are easy to get

Prepaid cards have no credit check so anyone can get them. Plus unlike credit cards where you get the rate on the day you spend, with these cards you usually pre-load them with…

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