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The new Pokemon Go Easter Event will end later today

UPDATE ONE: Fans have until 9pm today to grab all the bonuses available as part of the Pokemon Go Easter Event.

That’s because Niantic’s most recent event is scheduled to end tonight, meaning that 2KM eggs will go back to their normal alloted Pocket Monsters.

While it’s currently not known what new Pokemon Go update will follow the Easter Event, Niantic have confirmed at least one new feature they’re working on.

Spoofing, the act of fooling the game into thinking your in a different location, is being targeted by the development team in an upcoming patch.

“Thanks for all your reports. We’re working to add functionality to stop spoofing, and your reports are helping us with our investigations,” Niantic told fans on Twitter.

It follows the news that the latest Android Security update has made it a lot harder for players to spoof their location, indeed many of the tools currently available on the Play Store no longer work.

Android 7.1 security update will make it a lot harder to people to use spoofing in Pokemon Go, however, it won’t erase it completely.


The new Pokemon Go Easter Event ends later today

The Pokemon Go Easter Event end time is scheduled for April 20, at 9pm.

Niantic have yet to offer any kind of information on an extension, meaning fans have less than 24hrs to grab all the bonuses they can.

Currently, players can enjoy hatching a better quality of Pokemon from 2KM eggs, some fans have confirmed grabbing Lapras’ during the event.

There is also the chance of grabbing more candy from each egg you hatch, as well as as Double XP bonus currently in place.

That can also be increased by using a Lucky Egg, bringing the total amount of XP bonus to four times the amount, for the duration of the item.

Lucky Eggs aren’t the easiest items to get hold of, so many fans may have spent some Pokecoins via the eShop, although they can be collected through leveling up.

“Throughout this Eggstravaganza, you’ll also level up even faster with double XP! Combine this Egg-cellent bonus with a Lucky Egg, and you’ll earn four times the XP you normally would,” a message from Niantic confirms. 

“To make this Eggstravaganza even sweeter, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop.”

However, the latest Pokemon Go update will end today, meaning that fans will have to go back to the usual collection of Pokemon available in 2KM eggs.

There has been no confirmation on what the next Pokemon Go event will be, however, it…

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