Perfect Mother’s Day Picks for Nature Lovers

Plant a Tree in Mom’s Name

This Mother’s Day, go green and buy mom a garden gift.

This Mother’s Day, forget jewelry and chocolate. Go green and buy mom a garden gift. Moms are naturals at helping things grow, and there’s no better place to do it than in the garden. Celebrate mom – and Mother Nature – with these four unique gift ideas.

Plant a Native Tree with Davey Tree Expert Company

Plant a tree in mom’s name for a gift that will keep giving for generations to come. Along with their beauty, trees provide endless benefits to people. Spending time around trees has been proven to improve physical and mental health. Trees can also save mom money by reducing energy bills.

Check with a local arborist to learn which are the best regional trees. The professionals at The Davey Tree Expert Company can help ensure mom’s new tree lives a long time.

Gorgeous Orchids from Costa Farms

Looking to buy mom flowers? Skip traditional roses and buy her an orchid. Orchids are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day because they’re stylish, easy-to-grow and last longer than a bouquet of flowers. Pick an orchid in mom’s favorite hue and she’ll enjoy colorful blooms for months. Orchids continue to bloom year-after-year with just a little bit of motherly care.

Look for orchids from Costa Farms® at the local home improvement store or mass merchandiser.

Vibrant, Edible, Compact Plants from Bushel and Berry

Give the gift of delicious summer fruit and choose one of the new edible berry plants from Bushel and Berry™. Mom will love these ornamental shrubs for a number of reasons — they provide healthy, homegrown food and their beautiful foliage adds color to the garden throughout the seasons. With flowers starting in the…

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