PENETRON Keeps Sludge out of the Concrete at Patapsco

Heart of Patapsco: View of the advanced biologically activated filter (BAF) system that removes phosphorous and nitrogen from effluent sewage. It was constructed with PENETRON crystalline technology.

The ready mix supplier was able to meet these shrinkage performance criteria by combining blended cementitious materials, optimized aggregate, PENETRON ADMIX and a shrinkage-reducing admixture, all at the most economical cost.

At Baltimore’s Patapsco facility, one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the U.S.A., PENETRON crystalline technology was applied to the entire biologically activated filter (BAF) system. The project was completed in February 2017, ensuring crucial concrete durability and resistance to chemical attack.

Concrete structures in wastewater treatment plants are exposed to various chemicals, such as chlorides, sulfates and acids, that use water as a way to enter the concrete. This acid attack can potentially cause dissolution of the concrete matrix and a subsequent loss of structural integrity. PENETRON ADMIX provides the 70% or more permeability reduction as per ACI guidelines for permeability-reducing admixtures for hydrostatic conditions (PRAH). The admixture also protects against chemical attack (pH 3- 11) and is a widely-used solution for wastewater treatment plants.

In order to meet the Patapsco project’s performance criteria above and beyond the ACI 350 standard, the design mix prepared by Vulcan Materials was optimized for durability, to minimize shrinkage and to self-heal cracks in the concrete. PENETRON ADMIX and a shrinkage-reducing admixture from Grace Construction Products (GCP) were used to minimize shrinkage and seal micro-cracks. Easily mixed in during batching and…

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