Patten Seed Office Opens in Middle Georgia

Patten Seed Company’s new office in Marshallville, Georgia, is ready for business and new growth.

With the transition to the Middle Georgia office, we will be able to expand the geographic reach of our product beyond our current locations.

With expansion and efficiency in mind, Patten Seed Company completed relocation of its seed headquarters to Marshallville, Georgia, in early March.

The seed processing plant opened in Marshallville in 2006, and a bagging and shipping facility has been in place at the location since 2016. The new office allows opportunity for transition of Patten Seed operations to the Middle Georgia location from their previous home in Lakeland, Georgia.

“The move gives us the ability grow,” said Chris Roquemore, seed plant manager and fifth-generation Patten Seed employee. “This facility transition will also continue to make our grass seed operations more efficient.”

Along with the transition, Patten Seed modernized all equipment, providing a significant increase in speed, efficiency and production. This allowed them to adapt to a constantly changing market and meet demands more quickly. Because of recent technology and equipment investments in Marshallville, Patten Seed gained the ability to grow, clean, coat, treat and bag all grass seed products locally in the Southeast.

“All the while, we are continuing to find ways to increase production in fields and boost yields,” Roquemore said. “For instance, the Orangeburg, South Carolina farm is coming off record yields in their TifBlair [Centipede grass] season.”

Following the move, 20-year Patten Seed professional Brenda Barrett joined the team as seed sales and delivery associate, working closely with Matt Burnam and Juan…

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