Past and Present in the Maritime Recruitment

Past history

Engaging as officers aboard of vessels , in these modern times it is a profession of choice and they are schooled to bachelor degree .

Only just fifty before the shipping trade was seriously compared with today . Actually being a sailor meant a life style , it was frequent for most of the sailors to spend very long periods of time at sea , sometimes approximately twelve months at sea and many of them used to stay in maritime hubs between contracts on various vessels .

The vessels stayed very long time in shipping ports – occasionally weeks . The number of ship crew members was greater than these days and they had no drug and alcohol restriction or AIDS.

Consequently the sailors from a half a century ago were adventurous people who in the maritime business could start up a brand new life regardless of what they left behind , no matter if it was a situation where they did not actually have any sort of training , that they did their time in prison , that they were incapable to read , provided that they were able ( hence the term AB Able-Bodied ) , willing to work hard and could easily fit in onboard socially they were allowed in the business.

Youngsters sick and tired of school were ready to look for another type of experience where they could be challenged , bring home decent earnings and come home as men . Stories were created at that time . Sailors were rough people with tattoos , parrots on the shoulder and golden ear earrings.


In the present day all these has changed . In the maritime business now it is necessary a high school degree to enter the officer educations . To become a junior navigating officer is taking at least four years and there is no room for maladjusted individuals.

The degree of administration has become so competing that are needed serious accounting expertise.

The vessels are extremely complicated that you need substantial training to use the systems . Virtually all vessels stay few hours in harbour with virtually no…

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