Pampered Pets: Cherished pets have £11.6bn spent on them | Nature | News

The huge sum goes on special diets, activities, gifts and trips to the vet along with sessions at the grooming parlour and even holidays.

IT professionals are the most generous workers when it comes pampering their cats and dogs, spending £1,752 a year, three times the national average.

Pets living in London appear to get spoilt the most with an average spend of £1,284 per animal compared to those in Wales with only £292 worth of treats.

Asda Pet Insurance has been looking at the demographics of pet ownership, researching what an owner’s occupations, age, gender and location says about the choice of pet and how they are pandered to.

The results show Britain really is a nation of animal lovers, with an estimated 20-million pet owners spending an average of £495 a year on their companions.

Asda’s research reveals the single biggest spend is on trips to the vet (£150 per year), with other significant expenditure including special diets (£58 per year), grooming treatments (£43 per year) and even holidays (£41 per year).

While IT workers are the most generous as far as indulging animals, retail and healthcare workers appear the most prudent with pampering, spending just £338 and £356 a year, respectively.

Besides looking at pet owners’ spending power, Asda also discovered how the behavioural and personality traits that guide career choices may also influence the type of dog breeds people choose.

Sensitive spaniels, dogs renown for their caring streak, are most likely to be the favourite choice of healthcare professionals, and intelligent, child-friendly retrievers are favoured by those working in education.

Workers in the construction and manufacturing sector go for terriers, breeds that physical, athletic and with a craving for the outdoors.

Alistair Ball, Head of Insurance, Asda Money, says: “Our research shows that we are a nation of pet lovers and when it comes to taking care of them we are willing to go above and beyond, showing just how important our…

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