Optimum Seismic Publishes Article on ‘New Frontier’ for Earthquake Safety

There are dozens of cities curious at looking at this. People are starting to recognize how necessary this is.

Optimum Seismic, Inc. Founder and President Ali Vahdani published an article in this month’s issue of Apartment Age Magazine, describing the growing trend of cities adopting increasingly sweeping earthquake retrofit ordinances in California.

His article, “Santa Monica Earthquake Ordinance Prompting ‘New Frontier’ for Earthquake Safety,” is reprinted below, with permission from the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, publishers of Apartment Age Magazine. To view the article, click on Page 74 in the magazine.

Santa Monica Retrofit Ordinance Prompting ‘New Frontier’ for Earthquake Safety

The Los Angeles Times recently proclaimed the start of a “New Frontier” for earthquake safety: a phenomenon kicked off by the city of Santa Monica, which this month is expected to adopt the most comprehensive seismic retrofit ordinance in the nation.

Santa Monica’s law is much more comprehensive than the ordinance adopted in 2015 by the city of L.A. But perhaps even more notable is the fact that there are untold numbers of cities poised to do the same. It’s only a matter of time.

Famed seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones told the Times it is remarkable to see how the political winds have changed for elected officials considering seismic retrofit laws.

“There are dozens of cities curious at looking at this,” she said. “People are starting to recognize how necessary this is.”

The City of Los Angeles retrofit law, which took effect last year, requires the stabilization of some 15,000 pre-1978 wood-frame, soft-story buildings and non-ductile concrete buildings. Soft-story structures have parking or open space on the…

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