Omega 3’s To Assist In Weight Loss

Metabolic syndrome also includes inflammation, dyslipidemia, sleep apnea, and the risk for developing polycystic ovary syndrome. Obesity, however, may not be the primary cause of metabolic syndrome. Up to 40% of adults who have a normal weight possess one or more of the components of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome also is characterized by increased belly fat, insulin resistance, and increased blood pressure, along with other factors. Having metabolic syndrome puts a person at risk for cardiovascular events. Recent studies have examined the effects that omega-3 fatty acids have on a person’s metabolic health.

Fish oil, or Omega-3’s have been shown to improve obesity related metabolic syndrome because of their anti-inflammatory effects. Omega 3’s are essential of optimal metabolism. Supplementation with Omega-3’s in addition to diet will reduce blood pressure, leptin, and insulin resistance. This connection indicates that Omega 3’s may help prevent metabolic syndrome if taken for long periods of time. Supplementation can be taken in the form of Omega-3 soft gels, but the more effective form of Omega-3 is emulsified Omega 3. The emulsified form is often tastes better as well as being easier to take.

A recent study has shown that supplementation with Omega-3, or O3, lowered blood pressure and raised HDL cholesterol. The same study showed that a diet low in O3 will increase production of C-reactive protein, which is a marker for inflammation. Eskimo populations who consume large quantities of fish for long periods have time have extremely low C-reactive protein levels and low incidence of metabolic syndrome.

We can conclude from the previous evidence that metabolic syndrome and obesity may be reversed with adequate Omega-3 supplementation. The beneficial effects have been shown after long periods of use. If you are a person who struggles with weight and has a history of metabolic syndrome factors in your family, it may be beneficial to begin Omega-3…

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