OMB Director Mick Mulvaney interview: Full Transcript

After weeks of behind-the-scenes negotiations between House Republicans and the White House, the House narrowly approved a bill last week to repeal and replace Obamacare along party lines. It now faces an uncertain future in the Senate.  

CBS News’ chief Washington correspondent and “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson sat down with Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, to discuss the bill — and more.

What follows is a transcript of the conversation, which aired Sunday on “Face the Nation.”

JOHN DICKERSON: Good morning, Mr. Director.

MICK MULVANEY: Thank you for having me, John.

JOHN DICKERSON: Thank you for being here. If I get health care through Obamacare, what kind of promises does this bill make to me?

MICK MULVANEY: That it will actually be there. One of the reasons that we’re pushing so hard to replace Obamacare — by the way I was on it, when I was in the House of Representatives. People don’t realize that. I was actually onI was on the exchanges. And one of the promises we’re making to people is that the health care that we will be providing will actually be sustainable and be there. One of the stories that I don’t think is getting nearly enough coverage is that fact that Obamacare is already failing in places like Iowa and I think even Virginia found out this week they won’t have coverage in some places. So one of the big pushes that we’re making is we’re going to create a system that will actually sustainable and can survive and provide health care.

JOHN DICKERSON: But of course people hear about the Congressional Budget Office assessment of this House bill and when you say, “It will be there for them,” they think, “But wait a minute. The C.B.O. said, ’24 million people will lose coverage.'” So it won’t be there for those 24.

MICK MULVANEY: Yeah, I saw the C.B.O. score. And when you get down into the details on it, one of the things you see is that the C.B.O. assumes that once the mandate is gone, people will…

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