Octavia Spencer sent letters to idol Michael Jackson | People … – Sioux City Journal

Octavia Spencer used to send fan mail to Michael Jackson.

The 46-year-old actress enjoyed writing letters to various celebrities when she was younger and she was thrilled when she received a poster in response to a note she’d sent her ‘Thriller’ hitmaker idol.

She said: “When I was a kid I would write to lots of people.

“I remember I wrote to Michael Jackson. I think I got back one of the posters that was on my wall.”

Despite her own fame, the ‘Hidden Figures’ actress still gets star struck and believes the day she stops being in awe of other people is the day she should change careers.

She said: “I’m still star struck all the time. I met Steven Spielberg, who I’ve idolised since I was a 13-year-old kid. And Oprah Winfrey.

She told Empire magazine “I…

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