North Korea has a long history of odd accusations

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A turncoat assassin sent to North Korea armed with “nano poison” to kill leader Kim Jong Un?

It’s only the latest in a string of odd, as-yet-unproven accusations over the years that a proud, highly sensitive North Korea has leveled at its U.S and South Korean rivals.

From alleged South Korean plots to kidnap North Korean waitresses to threats to target the exact coordinates of South Korea’s “reptile” anti-North Korea media, the North’s propaganda is awash in conspiracy theories and ultraviolent threats.

Here is a collection of some of the most head-turning:



North Korea claimed in 2012 that South Korean spies persuaded a defector from the North to infiltrate the country and try to destroy statues of state founder Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of current ruler Kim Jong Un.

In a news conference in Pyongyang, a man identified as Jon Yong Chol said he was paid by South Korean agents to blow up a Kim Il Sung monument using a remote-controlled bomb. People who have appeared at such staged events have later said they were coerced.

North Korea, which has built a personality cult around the Kim clan, considers Kim Il Sung statues sacred. North Korea equated the plot to an “armed invasion” and vowed revenge.

South Korea said Jon, who was arrested by North Korea before he could allegedly blow anything up, defected to the South in 2010. Officials in Seoul said the statue claim was “completely false.”



North Korea regularly accuses South Korea of abducting or enticing its citizens to defect, although Seoul denies it.

After 13 North Korean workers from a restaurant in China defected to South Korea in April last year, North Korea said they were kidnapped by South Korean spies. North Korea has repeatedly demanded their return. It even offered to send North Korean relatives to the South to reunite with the workers, although Seoul rejected the highly unusual overture.

South Korea said the workers chose to resettle in the South on their…

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