New York Movers – Packing Advice for New Yorkers

Whether you have recently purchased a new piece of real estate in hot areas of the city like the East Village or Greenpoint or are switching neighborhoods, it can be a good idea to use the services of New York movers. They can help get your sofas up those several flights of stairs you may be facing, and will be familiar with all local parking regulations and other ins and outs of each neighborhood in the area. Before you call up a moving company, however, it’s a good idea to first decide if you want them to pack up your belongings for you, or if this is something that you will handle on your own. To save money and have control over the move, most people will choose to pack on their own.

Getting started with packing in New York involves giving yourself plenty of time to do so. It’s a good idea to start the packing process a good six weeks before your moving day with the New York movers. This will give you enough time to plan all of the different logistical issues. Choosing the right packing supplies is important. This needs to include the right size of boxes, as well as enough packing tape and bubble wrap to keep delicate items safe during the move. Always put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box.

Major appliances will need to be handled separately. Some New York movers will request that these be prepared before they arrive, because they can take the most special handling. Cushioning your television and stereo components is important, or you may find that they don’t work any longer when they reach the destination, and if you are in charge of packing, this will not be the fault of the moving company. Electronics companies usually have packaging instructions that come with the appliances, or you can ask your movers for advice.

Keeping like items together is a good way to stay organized and minimize damage. Flatware and plates, for example, can go together and stack neatly in your moving boxes. This will ensure that they get to your new kitchen or…

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