New Stratford subdivision approved by town council – Prince Edward Island

A new subdivision in Stratford has the green-light to go ahead. 

The Foxwoods Subdivision, which will be next to the Fox Meadow Golf Course and the top of the Kinlock Road, got preliminary approval from Stratford town council Wednesday evening. 

‘Our other concerns were obviously of anybody that’s going to have a major development behind them or beside them.’
— David Young

The development would create 154 lots including 129 single family dwelling lots and 25 semi-detached lots, for a total of 179 units for the 28.5 hectare site.

About 9 hectares, or 29 per cent, of the overall landscape will be dedicated to public space, said land surveyor Serge Bernard, who works for the developer Z&C Flourish International Inc. Bernard said that’s three times what would be set aside in a traditional subdivision. He said the units will not be developed all at once, but in phases.

The developer has already held three public meetings with residents around the subdivision to address concerns, in February and April.

Concerns from residents

Three residents took the floor at the council meeting to speak about concerns that may arise with the new subdivision, including David Young. He said development around his property wouldn’t be his first choice, but he isn’t against it and is realistic that Stratford is growing. He said he wanted to make sure council is aware of concerns from people in the area. 

David Young lives beside where the subdivision will be built and has concerns. (Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

“Our other concerns were obviously of anybody that’s going to have a major development behind them or beside them or wherever: that there’s going to be noise, and construction debris and dust and dirt and run-off, as the development is actually uphill to, it’s kind of on an angle to where we live, so those were all of big concerns to us,” said Young.

Young also said he’s concerned about privacy during and after construction and making sure the homes match the quality of surrounding houses.

Bernard said the homes will be high-end and the developer has incorporated feedback from the public meetings. He said the architect has addressed some concerns such as traffic, including the route to Kinlock Park, which is in the heart of the subdivision.

Construction to start in summer

The next steps for the developer include detailed designs. Bernard said James Johnson Associates Inc. will be on site overseeing all aspects of construction. 

Serge Bernard spoke on behalf of developer Z&C Flourish International Inc. at the council meeting and says it is committed to plant a line of trees to ensure privacy and control dust that residents had asked for during public meetings. (Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

“To make sure that there’s no dust, debris, and so that the neighbouring residents experience as little discomfort as possible throughout this entire construction process,” said Bernard. 

Bernard said the developer is still in the…

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