Namibia: Freeze Land Reform At Once –


TO SAY that Utoni Nujoma, the minister of land reform, is being disingenuous by invoking the spectre of bantustans, is to aid him in beating around the bush. He is being dishonest and is spreading false fear.

We are on record cautioning that looking at land reform challenges through tribal and racial binoculars will only blinker our vision in identifying the real culprit and causes of tension around land resettlement and other kinds of reforms. Nujoma is jumping on the anti-tribalism bandwagon to perpetuate to the self-enrichment of the ruling elite.

The point should not be simply that no one from Zambezi should be settled in //Karas or that ancestral land should be reserved solely for the descendants of the once original owners, (whoever) they may be. Rather, it is time to look at the best ways to utilise the land as a national resource.

Nujoma this week accused anyone…

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