MyMeter + EEme = Even Greater Savings. MyMeter Users Can Now See How Much Energy Each Appliance in Their Home is Using and How Much it is Costing Them

Through the MyMeter application we can now provide detailed insights down to the appliance level with simple AMI meter data.

Technology companies EEme and Accelerated Innovations today announced that they will be teaming up to provide customers with unparalleled home energy analytics. Using EEme’s Machine Learning platform, a state-of-the-art technology that turns raw smart meter data into actionable insights, MyMeter users will be able to see exactly how much each appliance is affecting their home’s energy use and bill.

Relying on a comprehensive and dynamic appliance signature library, EEme’s Machine Learning platform identifies which devices in the home are using energy. From there, EEme’s scalable load disaggregation technology allows the data to be visually displayed, a feature which further demystifies a home’s energy bill. Because the more a one knows, the more one can do, this information empowers customers to take their home energy use into their own hands. MyMeter customers can now make conscious decisions about their energy use appliance-by-appliance. They don’t need any new hardware, data, or training. It only requires existing raw smart meter data and a zip code. EEme’s technology continually feeds from academic and non-academic proprietary sources.

“The addition of the EEme analytics to the MyMeter platform takes customer engagement and energy use feedback to the next level. We can now provide detailed insights down to the appliance level with simple AMI meter data. Utilities and co-ops can also use this data for target marketing and segmentation, which can drive greater participation in energy efficiency and demand-side management programs at a much lower cost. It’s a definite win/win for customers as…

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