Murder of Sunni man in Mosul signals alarming ethnic tensions after ISIS – Rudaw

EAST MOSUL, Iraq— Her eyes filled with tears, Hajia struggles to remember the day when gunmen stormed her unboastful home in east Mosul last week and took her beloved son Hamid, a 35-year-old father of three.

“I begged them not to harm Hamid,” she says, her voice trembling with emotion. “They said they would shoot me too if I continued to follow them,” as the gunmen forcefully dragged her ill-fated son out into the street.  

Hamid Khalaf, a Sunni, was later found dead in Mosul with gunshot wounds to his head.

Eyewitnesses who have seen the killing describe the event as a “summary execution” with several gunmen firing at Hamid at close range.

“They told us he was Daesh and then they killed him. They first shot at his head, blowing his brain out. Then they left. Then they returned and fired a second bullet into his back,” Bassam Umar, one of the…

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