Muay Thai Gloves: Select the Best Pair

Muay Thai has been a popular sport not only in Thailand but around the world. Since Muay Thai is a mixed martial arts sport, all boxers need to wear the Muay Thai gloves in order to fight the opponents. The primary reason to use gloves is to help minimize the high force influence, in order to safeguard your wrist and fist and your opponent from a bad injury.

To take part in the Muay Thai sport, you require having much more flexible gloves than the usual boxing gloves. This is because it allows the fighter to open the hands and grab the opponent and deliver some close contact techniques like the knee strikes. There is no other major difference between the normal boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves. This means that you can use the usual boxing gloves in the Muay Thai sport. But, it would be recommended to use the Muay Thai gloves in order to fight the Muay Thai.

Like the normal boxing gloves, the kind of Thai Boxing glove you have to choose even depends on the kinds of boxing activities. Various gloves are also used to hit at the heavy kicking and punching bag to hit the focus mitts, to hit the speed punching ball or the real fight with the opponent. The wide variety of the Muay Thai gloves is divided into 3 basic types that include bag gloves, training gloves and fighting gloves.

The boxing gloves can be different in color, weight and size. The style of gloves is only strict in the professional boxing. The color is generally blue or red which represent their corner and help judge in scoring in any competition. Additionally, a professional Muay Thai Boxer generally uses the lace up gloves that is considered more secure and fit to wear. However, this kind of gloves is also hard to wear and requires assistance from the trainer. Conversely there are other types of gloves loop and hook that are much easier and popularly used in the training.

When you are looking for gloves to wear during the Muay Thai fight, you must consider what kind of activity you will be doing….

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