Monk Abilities in World of Warcraft


Get the Helpful Tricks to Make Wow Gold In World of Warcraft. Being the only class that can dispel bleeds is insane, broken, and generally against the new dispelling system.

Grapple weapon reminds me of Dark Simulacrum of Death Knights featuring Disarm. It’s awesome. I wonder if it will be an advantage for tanking to grapple a shield off someone.

Meditation is basically a 10 second raid-wide bubble. There is no way a tank Monk with some Stem is gonna be threatened by that ability, and obviously it would be used during a tank switch in fights with no adds. For instance… last boss in Vortex Pinnacle. Flies up, does a Thunderstorm, have to stand in safe zone. With Meditation, you basically create your own safe zone. The boss does not melee you while he is channeling. This same thing applies to a ton of abilities. Get cheap and safe wow gold for your wow account.

Provoke is awesome.

Stem stacking tank Monks will be able to Touch of Death a whole lot of things. I do not think a 1; 5 minute cooldown makes the ability “fair”.

Avert Harm is really good. I always thought that the tank should be sort of the martyr of the group. Getting hit instead of the others is fine, but it is not good enough. There is still a lot of unavoidable damage thrown around, that the party members can suffer. This ability enables the monk to take some of that suffering onto his own shoulders, pushing the “martyrdom” a bit further (along with Meditation). I really like that.

Drunken Haze. I want to see the animation of that ability.

Elusive Ale is BS. A 50% dodge increase with virtually 100% uptime on a class that already has Dodge and Parry? Broken. Not making it into live in this form.

Guard does not seem to have a cooldown. I wonder if Blizzard realizes what that ability could do if the tank would be able to see the cast bar of his healer and react to his spells. I could give myself a +30% healing bonus every time I would see a Greater Healing Wave, for instance (depending on how hard…

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