Moncton boy urges families to consider adopting older children — like him – New Brunswick

Colin Kennedy Robichaud’s earliest memories are of moving from home to home to home.

“It was rough because I never really unpacked my bag. … I didn’t know if it was my last home, or if I was going to be adopted that day. I had no clue.”

The 12-year-old Moncton boy, who spent years going between his birth family and foster families, was adopted four years ago by Jeff Kennedy and Yves Robichaud.

On Monday, Colin will co-chair the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation’s annual luncheon, which hopes to raise $80,000 as it works to find permanent homes for 400 children now in the care of the province.

“The first day of school I actually asked a couple of kids, ‘How many homes have you been into?'” Colin said.

“They looked at me funny … and that was when I sort of clued in — this is something that’s not exactly normal.”

For Robichaud and Kennedy, adopting a child was part of their plan and one year after they started the process, they were matched with Colin.

“The first time we met Colin we knew that he was going to be the perfect kid for us,” Robichaud said.

‘They do come with a past’

While he had dreamed of a “forever home,” Colin said when it actually happened it was both exciting and nerve-racking.

‘Once you find that forever home, it’s hard to really think, ‘OK, stop worrying, you’re not going to move again.”
– Colin Kennedy Robichaud

“I didn’t know if they were actually just another foster family or if they were actually my final family.”

Yves Robichaud, too, describes the experience as nerve-racking but said he always felt confident about the decision to adopt an older child.

“I think at the end of the day, what kids in care are looking for extremely is love and attention, and if you’re able to give that, everything should pan out,” Robichaud said.

“They do come with a past. There are supports and help out there … but in the future, all they’re looking for is a permanent home, security and love — just like any…

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