Moments still fresh in my mind

We all have those moments which we wish shouldn’t have been occurred in our life. It is some of the embarrassing moment which we love to forget but we can’t. I decided to frame it and share it with other readers and encourage them to laugh over it rather than be guilty. Here is the list of some of the most embarrassing things which I ever did in my life.


  1. It was the Auto Expo show in Dubai and it was one of the best I ever witnessed. There I saw a BMW placed over a deck. I was there with my friends and we were not allowed to enter the deck and click pictures. The moment the volunteer turned and went to the other side, I sleeked in it and sat on the driver’s seat but as my friends were supposed to click the picture I saw the volunteer coming and the expression on my face was clicked by my friends. It was the most embarrassing moment but it was real funny.


  1. I remember once asking my mother’s friend one of my aunties about when her baby is due and she gave me weird look before replying that she conceived a month before. I just couldn’t see her face to face and I was just wondering why I didn’t notice her before popping the question. Henceforth I decided to check the stats before I open my mouth.


  1. This time it was at Panoramic resort Karnala, we were there enjoying a night out with family and relatives under the Pancard Clubs Investment scheme. We were having a great time and there we befriended another family enjoying the outing under the same investment scheme. There I had to happen tell a lady, who was just married in to the family, about some food particulars left over her lips. It happened to be her mustache which appeared to be very flashy at that time. It was funny though but after I realized it I never went in front of their family.


  1. This was the epic and it actually created a lot of happenings in my life. There was a new couple in my building and I met them at society function. After our initial meeting I became close to them. The only…

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