MLM Training – Evaluating Field Leadership

Despite all of the talk about evaluating product, compensation and reputation when judging an MLM opportunity, the quality of its field leadership is the most important factor when selecting a network marketing opportunity. The top distributors will make or break the company. They will have a huge influence on your ability to recruit and retain new members.

Evaluating the field leaders in a network marketing company is not easy though. There are some things you can look for that will give you some clues. One thing to look for is online presence. Many of the top income earners built their organizations using traditional offline methods. Very few of them however have done this recently. Most of them built their business many years ago and are now just collecting their residual income. You are looking for field leaders who are actively building the business right now. You want to work with people who are high achievers and still working hard and aiming even higher.

The next thing you can look at is the quality of their MLM Training program. Every top leader will have a structured MLM Training program. Many of them will offer it to prospects as well as their team. They will often provide access to their MLM Training courses online to make it more accessible to everyone. Top Leaders understand that the best way for them to help others build their business is to provide quality MLM Training and teach them how to be successful. Every time a new member succeeds it benefits the leader as well as the new member. This win-win situation is why network marketing companies can achieve such phenomenal growth in a short period of time. If the new member then ensures that their new recruits have access to a good MLM Training program then the cycle can repeat itself. But it all starts with the leaders who develop the MLM Training courses and present it to their members.

Another way to evaluate the field leaders is to talk to members of their group. What kind of things do they have to say about them? Do they respect the field leaders? How are they treated by them? Survey a few different group members and see if you are getting consistent answers. There are always a few people with bad attitudes but if the group is consistently telling you that they are not happy with their leadership then you should be wary. Keep in mind though that top leaders will not necessarily spend time personally mentoring you. They are able to create more opportunity for more people by focusing on developing prospecting tools and MLM Training courses. You don’t need to speak to them directly to benefit from their knowledge. This is comparable to a college or university setting. It’s rare that the person who wrote the textbook will come and teach the course. They do more good by writing the book and having others who are familiar with the material teach it to the beginners. The most effective MLM leaders use this exact same model. They develop the MLM Training program but rarely do the…

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