Mizuno MX-700 Golf Driver Review

Mizuno has longed for people to look at their full spectrum of clubs with the same respect and unabashed lust that their irons have. The MX-700 should certainly help in this effort which does allow for adjustment and tweaks of weighting. And I purchased the Mizuno MX-700 Driver 3 wood from a friends recommendation a few weeks ago. I am now hitting every single drive around 270 yards down the middle every single time using this driver. My handicap has come down 4 shots since using it as I was previously having good and not so good rounds always as a result of inconsistent drives.

In my own tests, the titanium face seemed exceptionally solid and the ball felt like it was really jumping off the face. The traditionally-shaped black clubhead has some graphics painted on the crown, which are designed to make the head appear smaller at address. I was so pleased with it. The club is the most forgiving and longest driver I’ve had to date.


The new Hot Metal MX-700 utilizes a new rolled Ti9 plasma welded face to advance driving distance, stability and feedback. The Ti9 Hot Metal adds ball speed across the clubface through its unique aligned grain structure -expanding the high COR area for consistently long drives. A broad, wide geometry (allowed by Ti9’s weight saving) provides an extremely low and deep COG and a centrally located sweet spot for enhanced vertical stability. Resulting in low spin and a high, penetrating ball flight. A vibration dampening internal hull adds a solid, powerful sensation at impact


This Mizuno golf clubs sale is a great driver for people like me who hit the ball solid but who can be inconsistent. I just want to get the ball as far out into play as possible. The only people who should bypass this club are low and plus handicappers who actually find it valuable to adjust weights, screws and shaft angles to produce optimum results. If you have already read reviews about the MX-700 Driver then it will come as no surprise that I write in…

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