Maverick sets up a non-campy 'Little Shop of Horrors'

A whole generation or two might only know “Little Shop of Horrors” as a 1986 movie musical without having seen its source, the 1982 Off-Broadway (and later Broadway) musical by writer Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken.

That show was, in turn, adapted from Roger Corman’s hilariously low-budget 1960 black comedy, scripted by Charles B. Griffith.

What all three have in common are their main characters, including a bloodthirsty flytrap plant that grows into a voracious maneater the size of a VW bug.

Directed by Brian Newell and music-directed by Stephen Hulsey, Staged Cinema Productions’ revival at Maverick Theater tones down the play’s campier aspects, and that’s just fine.

The humor of the script, songs and characters is overt enough that it doesn’t need an extra nudge or wink, and Maverick’s approach allows Newell’s cast, dynamite musical…

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