Masquerade Party Decorations with Masquerade Masks

If you are preparing to host a masquerade party and are intending to add mystery and zest to your special day, then it’s quite natural to go berserk with the planning of the decor of the place and costumes. However, do not lose your sleep over these things!  Let’s discuss these easy steps to party decorations and arranging masquerade masks and costumes.
Selection of the color theme — Firstly, select the color palette for the theme of the party and two or three decorating elements, which you would be placing in the party hall. The pattern and the beautiful decorative elements will be the base decorations to doll up the hall. Use two or three contrasting colors to create a story to jazz up the place, but be very minimalistic in your approach.

Masks for decor – Decorate the party venue with miniature masquerade masks for women and men. The dangling mini masquerade masks along with ribbons put intermittently and color balloons spruce up the decor. Let’s have some added candid ideas with masks to give a unique facelift to the décor:

•  Mount them on the decorative mirrors and show pieces.
•  Make as decorative centerpieces on flower vases on the tables
•  Stick them with decorative small handles on the chairs, doors, and as decorative wreaths.
•  Just hand them as a souvenir when they enter the party.
•  Put them on food counter. The menu list can be inside the masks.
•  Place some extra masquerade masks for women and men for guests to use for the evening.

Creating the mood with music — The masquerade party has no life without music and sound.  Create the mood with authentic ball music and then mix your own distinctive musical collection to recreate the balance for the evening.

Well lit up – The masquerade evening is about enchantment and creating an illusion in the minds of the guests with an angle of curiosity.  Do not let bright shining lights glare the white walls and mar the essence of the themed party. Opt for soft lighting with even…

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