Laura Osnes, Star of Broadway’s ‘Bandstand,’ at Home

“It was super close to the theater I’d be working at,” Ms. Osnes said. “There were laundry facilities a floor away, and a doorman. And they served continental breakfast. Moving here with a job and a brand-new husband and a great apartment set us off on the right foot.”

Name: Laura Osnes

Age: 31 Occupation: Actress and singer On the Value of the Great Outdoors: “The deck was really it. When we first walked out there, I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ What a treat to have in New York City.”

But after a year, the couple wanted to see some trees and save some money, and it so happened that a cast mate from “Grease” was vacating her one-bedroom rental and looking for someone to take over the lease. Ms. Osnes and Mr. Johnson were willing and eager.

“We were ready for a change. We were ready for the New York experience,” said Ms. Osnes, who wasn’t sure initially just how much of that New York experience she really wanted. “When we lived in the high-rise and I went to visit friends in walk-ups, I thought to myself, ‘I will never do this. Why would anyone live like this?’ And then, a year later, I found myself living in a five-flight walk-up. It’s funny how your attitudes change the longer you live here.”

Ms. Osnes and Mr. Johnson exude a sunny optimism, a can-do and make-do spirit. Faced with less than meager work space in the kitchen — and both avid cooks — they installed a tiny drop-down wood counter in the living room.

Eight for Thanksgiving? Easy.

And with little wall space to hang show posters and a certain disinclination to bring her work home, Ms. Osnes went with show magnets instead. They’re neatly lined up on the refrigerator door.

The apartment is furnished mostly with pieces the couple had on their wedding…

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