Latent depression: do not wait to react!

Depression latent , that is a big concept meanings. When you feel tired, cranky or lack of motivation, it can happen to anyone at any time of the year, or more frequently in fall and winter. This is normal. what provided it be punctual or a period of several weeks. By conceps, if these symptoms persist more or less intensely for a long time or frequent cycles, it is time to trigger the alarm and take things in hand!

This type of feeling or sensation generally is more than likely a latent depression more or less manageable, but that may certainly lead to a real deep depression with sometimes disastrous consequences! And as they always say, prevention is better than cure … A lack of appetite persists, constant fatigue , lack of interest, want to do anything, these are symptoms of depression latent deserves a attention.

It is also important that the working environment is attentive to such signals, because often the one who are affected do not realize in. The important thing is to talk when you notice such lasting changes in a loved one. It is necessary to understand that the person concerned must take responsibility, to get help and foremost consult your doctor who will try to give him an adequate response to the problem.

Having better understood the ins and outs of this latent depression , your doctor may provide early medication temporary or long term and may if necessary refer the patient to psychological therapy that is exclusive or complementary. Two important things to remember are: the longer you wait before seeing, the problem is more important and more difficult to treat. And once treatment has started and therefore absolutely fully realize the entire duration (6 months to two years), because any treatment terminated prematurely can lead to sometimes disastrous consequences.

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